Sunday 13 March 2011

quick up date...

thank you to everyone who has offered to take part in the auction/raffle, I am going to put an email together explaining how to run it, I will get that out a bit later today. People have asked how they can help if they don't have a blog, well bidding on items for a start or maybe running it on Facebook. A Facebook auction is new territory for me so if anyone has run one before and can help me out on how to advise setting it up that would be great.

I will be putting up a post with a step by step guide on how to donate which I think will be useful for those who want to run a raffle rather than an auction.

I also need to sort something out to donate, Ebi-kun was planning on drawing pictures at the art show and selling them, the money to go to the fund , we have talked about it and today he is going to do a painting and that will go up for auction.

We have postponed the art show and hope to hold it in a couple of weeks time alongside a workshop to make things for those who have lost everything, we haven't decided what or when yet, I will keep you up dated as we pull that together.

As for us, we are doing fine, TEPCO the power company have asked everyone to keep power use to a minimum and there is talk of compulsory blackouts. We are still getting tremors which is of course un-nerving and there is a warning to take care for the next month. We have heard from our friends up north, they are all fine, most have had no electricity so they had no idea of the extent of the damage or how serious the quake was. There are still tsunami warnings but seem to be down a couple of levels, hopefully the search and rescue crews can get in and start locating people now. Of course, the next worry is the nuclear reactor....

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  1. so glad you're all right! Been reading updates from friends in Japan via Facebook. Kudos to you for getting involved and helping out. You can count on me for a financial donation.


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