Monday 14 March 2011

Japan Quake Appeal Auction

Ebi-kun really wanted to get involved so he spent the morning painting this beautiful butterfly, it is painted with acrylic on board and is approximately 21cm x 29cm. I will seal it with a layer or two of lacquer. It will be signed and dated by the artist (maybe worth a fortune in the future if he becomes famous!)

Auction closes at 12.00pm Japan time 26th March
Bids are to be made in GB₤
Starting bid is ₤10
To make a bid leave a comment on this post, with your bid amount, it must be higher than the previous comment. You must also leave a valid email address, you can write the address in the format of 
ethel79 ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com

If you make a mistake or forget to add you email address please delete the first post and re-write it.

Once the auction has closed the winning bidder will be announced and contacted, the winner must make the payment and send proof of payment within 48 hours. If proof of payment is not made within 48 hours then the item will go to the second highest bidder. The donation must be paid to Global Giving. For help with the donation you can refer to this post

You can make the donation either in dollar or pound but if you do so in dollar it must be the equivalent value as the winning pound bid.

Myself or any other of the auction/raffles raising money for this appeal are in no way affiliated with global giving, that's just our chosen method of getting funds safely to the affected area.


  1. I am kicking this off with a bid of ₤10

  2. £35

    I love Ebi-kun's artwork! :)

  3. 40 of her majesty's finest pounds.

  4. Nanna and Pappy would love another piece of Ebi-kuns art - £60

  5. Have been umming and arrring about placing another bid to outbid the artists's grandparents and have decided that I will.

    bid 70

    sorry, nanny and poppy, you'll need to raise me to get your hands on that butterfly :)

  6. Nanna & Pappy think it's worth at least £80 - dare you to out bid us

  7. I wasn't going to Nanna and Pappy but Jo has just put a heartstrings post up and I'm feeling some pressure. Remember I'm a kiwi and so I think in NZ$ and then convert and realize OMG, I'm actually paying 3 times what I thought!!

    good cause, good cause.
    Even 100

  8. The last laugh maybe on you GW, it will be 3am in the UK when the auction closes, I doubt very much mom will be up watching for the final bid :o)

  9. and the last bid from nana and pappy (by request because they couldn't be arsed to stay up until 3am) is 105GBP

  10. so not fair nanny and pappy. You're good at this. I'd already picked out wall space :(

  11. lol.. well for the right price he will knock you up a new picture ;o)


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