Monday 14 March 2011

Not the weekend I was expecting...

Well, I thought I would be reporting back with all the news of the art festival, that was not to be, don't worry it will still happen one day. Today I have to spend all day at the yochien, so it is just a quick post. All our friends are OK and been accounted for but there are so many people still missing. I tried not to watch the news much yesterday and instead threw myself into organising the raffle/auction. 

We live close to the shinkansen track that runs north, the day after the quake was eerie not having the trains rumble past, Saturday night we heard something go by but slowly, maybe the shinkansen doctor train, that is used to check the track. Yesterday trains were running again, not as many as usual and slower, I expect they are using it as a method to get supplies and people to help up there. There has also been a constant stream of choppers going over.

I think there is a lot of panic shopping going on, our local petrol station closed, there were long lines at another. We popped into the drug store, no water, bread, toilet roll to be had, we steered clear of the hardware store.

There is still the problem with the nuclear reactors and talk by the government of compulsory blackouts, we will see what unfolds as the day goes on. They have also warned everyone to take care as they expect another large aftershock in the next 3 days.

The two train lines my husband uses for work are closed and our local train is running trains in the morning,  non during the day and they are not sure about this evening! He has been told to stay home today (and do the cleaning).

As from today the blackouts start, here it goes off from 9.20am - 1.00pm then 6.20pm - 10.00pm.
This is going to make it difficult for me to keep up with emails etc, please be patient. 

If you would like to get involved with the auction/raffle, please read THIS POST

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