Sunday 20 March 2011

a normal day...

Well, if you exclude the fact that the first thing I do is check the news and British Embassy website as soon as I wake up, and the fact that a rattling window makes me want to dive under the nearest table and that we are at the in-laws, yesterday was a pretty normal day. We went to Osaka to meet up with Wendy, I thought she had been in Japan a day when the quake hit but I was wrong, she had been here a few hours! It was great to see her again, it was like we had met up only last week although in reality it has been years, she won Ebi-kun over with a big bag of liquorice and talks about ninja lol.

We went to the aquarium, which is really big, I have been a couple of times before but it was many moons ago and Ebi-kun hasn't been before. I feel guilty saying it but it was nice to have some fun. I have a tonne of blurry fish photos to share with you but I didn't bring the camera cable with me so you will have to wait for them, there, something to look forward to!

It looks like daddy-ebi is going to head home tomorrow, we are going to stay here for a little longer, friends from home are reporting that the situation is getting better, food in the stores etc. but there are still after shocks. I heard that found a man alive yesterday, his house was swept away with him trapped inside, absolutely amazing.

I have just updated the master list, there are some wonderful things up for grabs, absolute bargains, go and take a look, click on the image below and it will take you, as if by magic to the master list


  1. That man who got found 6km out to sea or something - amazing wasn't it.
    Anybody could win me over with a bag of licorice. Yum. Have a good time in Osaka and hope the aftershocks calm down and the radiation worries go away so you can go back to life as normal, but not at your MILs hours :)

  2. Jo, just to let you know - the link to the master link via the button isn't working :-(

  3. Thanks Zoe, I'll fix it in the morning

  4. So this is what the unaffected do? SHOCKING IN SO MANY WAYS! I was trying to find the meaning of the phrase "A bit of this and a bit of that". More confused than ever now. Put on the waders if you sincerely want to help someone less fortunate. Damn the well heeled anyway.

  5. dear anonymous,
    I have no idea why you have your knickers in a twist, I would be there in my waders if that was at all possible but it is not. The only way that I am able to help at the moment is to raise money for the organisations that are on the ground working thier asses off to get aid to those in need and searching for those who are missing. By getting friends to join the effort. Don't bother leaving anymore comments unless you are prepared to put a name to yourself and if you have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up!


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