Saturday 12 March 2011

power outage expected

The company that supplies power to the Kanto area is having problem meeting the demand, they expect a sharp increase of usage around 6pm tonight. They are asking everyone to use as little power as possible, they are talking of scheduling 3 hour outages in specific areas in rotation to help ease the load. If you suddenly can't get hold of someone that maybe the reason.

We went to the supermarket around 10.30am, it was pretty chaotic. They were already out of  bread, people were buying toilet roll like it was going out of fashion. Pretty surreal. I expect with so much of the country at a stand still it will take supplies a while to come through. We won't starve though, I'm sure! Hopefully they will start getting supplies to where they are needed up north.

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  1. Jo, I have been following your blog for many months now and I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I have been checking in on your Tweets all day long, I am completely moved by your tireless dedication to keeping everybody updated from "inside". We live in Okinawa and my husband (military) is preparing to leave for mainland to help in the humanitarian efforts - green luggage all over my living room. Your updates, blog, Tweets, and in general devotion to the situation really means a lot to me (and undoubtedly to many others as well of course), I just wanted you to know that.

    It is so hard to be helpless in these huge devastating situations. People like you make it so much easier to cope. xoxoxoxo


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