Saturday 12 March 2011


just a quick note to say we are postponing the art festival.
we don't feel it is the right time to be celebrating, with the worry of the nuclear power plant a heavy cloud hangs over Japan tonight.

If you have emailed me about the appeal I will get back to you tomorrow, I will be logging off soon to help conserve energy

jo xx


  1. HELLO crazy comment! LOL! I am so sorry Jo, I am crazy scatterbrained!! Your blog was the last one I had opened but I know Maki @ Just Bento is the one that has been Tweeting for the past 13 hours. Her Twitter and your blog were my two open tabs for whatever reason and so my comment came here! D'oh. Disregard my loopy comment! I thoroughly enjoy your blog too of course and I very much appreciate your posts as well! <3 Hope that all is well. Keep us posted!!

  2. Crazy times, Jo!
    SO glad to hear that your alright...
    Huge hug from far away..
    Thinking of you,

  3. Your family and the rest of Japan are in my prayers. I wish a had a blog to post on or something homemade to donate, but I will be happy to bid.


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