Wednesday 9 March 2011

Sticky backed plastic collage

When I got the new wall calendar last month it came on a large piece of sticky backed plastic which I kept (of course). So when Ebi-kun was off sick at the end of last week I got it out and taped it, sticky side up to the floor. Then we got out some scrap paper and an old magazine out.
We decided to have some rules, we had to keep to one style to cover each section of the floor, so the finished piece was sort of blocked. We were also sticking things with the right side down so we had no idea what the finished piece would look like until it was covered.
It was a full day project that we left and came back to several times, it was fun to sit and work together
Ebi-kun decided to do a section with face parts and thought it would be funny to add some dog faces.
I did a section with just bits of skin
and we both worked on a section with just words.
Ebi-kun also got the punch out and did lots of punching to add to his sections. There was no real point to it all really but it was a nice laid back activity perfect for a sick day.

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