Thursday 10 March 2011

Why Oh Why?

I know we try to teach our kids to share, it is the nice thing to do after all but why did Ebi-kun have to share his cold and conjunctivitis with me? I really didn't need any of it. My lovely hubby took me to the doctors this morning, I could hardly open my eyes so I really didn't fancy the bike ride over there and I am now armed with 3 types of tablets and some eye drops.  One set of the tablets *may* give me the shits and another will make me drowsy, marvelous, just what I need this weekend! There should be a law about kids not being allowed to share their germs with their parents. I had better get as much done as possible before I take the first lot of meds and the side effects kick in....


  1. You poor thing, hope you're feeling better soon! This week both mine have been home with high temperatures - younger son went back to school today, older son is still lounging pathetically in front of the TV. I just hope they're less generous with their germs than Ebi-kun...

  2. feel better soon! mamas are on the front line when it's time to get all the germs from our beloved kiddos... and then the earthquake 300 km away but apparently felt in Tokyo area too... hope all is well...

  3. Oh no!!! I'm sorry. You're right - there ought to be a law. Isn't there already one about how Mamas don't GET time off? It's not we shouldn't be allowed to get sick!

    Feel better soon.


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