Wednesday 6 April 2011

1 down, 19 to go....

First off the list for the April Challenge....the ginormous laundry bag!
Every time we go camping I think to myself that I need to make a laundry bag, and at home we air dry the laundry but the last couple of weeks the pollen count has been so high that we have buckled and taken it to the laundrette to dry it. Of course, we have no laundry bag, but do not fear, I can fit the dirty laundry for everyone in the street in this bag....
I used some curtain fabric, it is our old curtains from the apartment, when we moved they didn't fit anything here so I stashed them, that was 3.5 years ago! The fabric is lovely and was quite expensive so I couldn't bring myself to chuck it out. The bag itself is basically an over-sized, square bottomed tote.
I wanted to practice my free motion sewing, so I added a washing line, this little owl cracks me up...
I reckon this fits the categories of large item and something for the home, not a bad start, I am full steam ahead on project two now....


  1. Practical AND super cute! Love the appliques to make it special. Good luck with the rest of your projects!

  2. wow, that' could quite possibly fit all my washing and my three children. LOVE the washing line on it.

  3. Wow that is gorgeous, and enormous! I that size, I can never fit it all in our washing basket (probably should wash more often lol). Good luck with your creative month


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