Friday 29 April 2011


A weekly update of people and organisations working to help the affected in the quake/tsunami areas.

First up...

Kenji's Light Of Hope is raising money for The Igari Music Therapy Research Center (Igari MTRC), supporting their mission to provide music therapy and music education services to individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly in the quake-stricken area of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. You can keep up to date with what they are doing on FaceBook and see what they are selling in their Etsy store HERE.

The Japanese government are infamous for their love of red tape and rules and it was only a matter of time until Jason from Socks For Japan was going to run into some, in his words 'He said there’s a rule. We need to break the rule' Find out what rule the stubborn gaijin breaks and the story of the charming yellow cottage in his latest report posted here.
photo credit Socks For Japan
The government has sealed a 12 mile area around  the nuclear plants in Fukushima, which is fair enough but what is not fair is the farm animals have also been sealed in, farmers have asked for the animals to be put down humanely but the local government say it is  too dangerous and so they have been left to starve, read more about it here. That just makes me so angry!

If you are in Japan and looking to volunteer over Golden Week the JEN can help you out, take a look here.

This site is Japanese only but you can find out what is needed and where to sent it, updated regularly.

If you are working in some way to help the people of Tohoku, let me know!

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