Friday 29 April 2011

A Very Special Bracelet...

Remember after the quake/tsunami I started the quake appeal and Rita from Surfing Silver offered a one of a kind bracelet as one of the raffle prices? Well, the winner has now got her prize and I can tell you the story.....

Wendy and I met at university, she was the crazy goth who lived in the block next to mine, we liked the same music, hung out at the same places and both quaffed large amounts of alcohol. Over the years we have lost touch then found each other again but we haven't actually seen each other since we left uni in the mid nineties. Good ole facebook brought us together again and Wendy - a long term Japan fan, finally managed to get herself over here and planned to come and stay with us for a few days as well as touring the country.

So, Wendy landed at Narita late morning of March 11th and had been in her 11th floor hotel room in Shinjuku for only a couple of hours when the quake hit. Luckily we were both on line and between hugs with Ebi-kun, aftershocks and info from NHK I was able to tell her what was going on. With having a Japanese husband and a good network within Japan I was able to keep her up to speed as new info came out.

As you can imagine, the situation changed Wendy's plans somewhat, she missed a lot of her planed sight seeing as she spent time trying to rearrange hotel bookings and worrying about whether to stay or go, she did end up having to cut her holiday short. Lots of places were closed and she felt guilty being 'on holiday' and useless not knowing how to help. She did get to do some of the things she planned but I am pretty sure it wasn't the holiday she expected and is certainly one she won't forget for quite some time! We did manage to meet up in Osaka for the day, she hit it off with Ebi-kun, they share a love of ninja's!

When it came to draw the winner of the raffle, I secretly wanted everyone to win as I knew almost everyone who had entered but I am glad Wendy won in the end, it would have a special meaning for her. Ebi-kun got to work and drew up the design, then I scanned it and sent it to Rita who worked her magic on it.

It is a portrait of Ninja Wendy, love the pony tail!
the writing on the right reads Wendy and on the left Ninja

So a big thank you to Rita and to everyone who entered and to Wendy... you haven't better wear this in the mosh pit, I know what you're like!

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  1. Thank you so much for the the story, I love knowing the back story of where my items are going! Ebi-kun is such a great artist and his designs look so cool in the silver. I'm so pleased to have been able to raise a bit of money to somehow help, and I thank you for running the raffle making it all possible.


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