Wednesday 11 May 2011


It was 2 months today when the earthquake and following tsunami changed the life for so many in Japan, it some ways it feels so long ago and yet it is still there, right on the edge of your conscious, every small shake is enough to bring it all to the forefront of thought.

For us, much has returned to normal but there are still many living in shelters in the north and some children are only now starting back at school, of course it is going to take years to rebuild many of the areas and the after affects are going to be with many for the rest of their lives. And then there is the nuclear reactor, there is talk of closing some and of building bigger sea walls or building wind turbines instead, I am all for the turbine idea. This natural disaster was bad enough, we really didn't need a man made catastrophe on top of it all

There are much less in the news and reports and are becoming more scarce but a friend posted a link to this Japanese nurses blog. The anonymous nurse wrote it as she worked in Iwate in one of the worst hit towns. You can read her words in Japanese here or an English translation here. It is beautifully written, beautiful yet heart wrenching at the same time, you will need a box of tissues as you read.

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