Thursday 12 May 2011

slippers for road safety....

Today was road safety day at yochien but it rained so the kids didn't get to ride their bikes around the 'roads' like last time. When we go to the yochien and have to go into the gym or classroom you need to take your own slippers, I am getting the hang of remember now and I usually end up shoving my slippers in a plastic carrier bag, bit embarrassing since most of the moms know that I make bags and the such like to sell. But today, I had a slipper bag, yes, we have only been going there for a year and I finally manage to put my slippers in a bag. I actually used one of these, perfect size, although mine was one with wonky stitching so it didn't make it to the shop!

One of the moms gave me a lift there and then we bought the kids home with us, except half way back we realised that Ebi-kun had picked up another boys bag, quick panic and rush back to the yochien to return the bag, the poor boy who owned was having a flap because it had his rain coat in it *phew* at least we realised in time! So, it was not very exciting and I always feel exhausted afterward, I think it is having to concentrate in Japanese for such a long time, my poor old brain can't cope!

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