Saturday 18 June 2011

Books from down under

We have been working our way through the books that we have for Australasia, I have to thank Liv for many of these, thanks Liv!

We have quite a few of these little books, they are great and the photography in them is amazing, they are by Steve Parish and I have just been looking at his website, looks like a great place to go for Aussie resources.
Edward the Emu is probably Ebi-kuns favourite from  the lot, it is about an emu who thinks that it would be more fun to be a different animal so he goes to the lion pen and the snake pen and pretends to be each of the animals, very cute book and well illustrated.

To cover wombats, there are the super cute books Baby Wombat's week and The Diary of a Wombat, again the illustrations are delightful, almost makes me want a wombat for a pet!

We also have Waddle Giggle Gaggle and Mr McGee and The Biting Flea and Fancy That! all by Pamela Allen which are fun books to read. We also have a couple of books that I think are out of print, Tasmania - a wildlife journey by Joyce Powzyk which is aimed at a slightly older child, the text is a bit 'dry' but worth a look at if you find it in the library and Dolphins by Margaret Davidson. The rest of the books we reference books such as the Children Like Me book, Flags Of The World and various encyclopedia's. anything else that we needed I used my good old friend google! Seriously, how did the word cope before google?

The problem with Ebi-kun being at yochien is that we can't fit as much in as I would like but I hope that they things that we do at home will give him a great appreciation of the world around us and a curiosity that will inspiring his learning. If you are looking for more Australasian things to do, Se7en has a great round up of what they studied here I also checked the posts that I had featured on the Goldmine so try here, here, here, here and here

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!!! We love Edward the Emu!!! And the Diary of a Wombat is so the best!!! Hope you are having a good weekend!!!


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