Saturday 18 June 2011

A degree in Electronic Imaging...

That is what I left uni with, me and my best mate Di, recently she has been putting it to good use by making mini video's for competition entries, this one has to be the best yet (closely followed by stripping off in a car sales room). Go and watch it, it will certainly put a smile of your face, How Daddy Got My Triangles Back


  1. Awwww....that's super cute!! (But a shocking waste of Toblerone. ;-) Using it as a step stool!!)

  2. Hee hee, I do hate to waste any kind of foodstuffs and I have a sneaky feeling that my hubby probably ate those triangles afterwards anyway! Toblerone have promised me free chocolate if I make another video and I already have a couple lined up - keep 'em peeled JoJo!


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