Friday 10 June 2011

I see you....

I had this idea to make a periscope and I was all set to do it as a step by step tutorial but this was one of those projects that just didn't go to plan but I will share anyway!
We started off with two milk* cartons, I cut a flap at the bottom and then pushed it in to make a 45∘ramp as it were. This is where things started to go wrong because the tape wouldn't stick properly, but a bit of half-sticky-tape wasn't going to phase us, oh no....
Next, cut the top of the two cartons, the part that you pull part to open the milk, this step was added because the cartons wouldn't fit together properly. Take a third carton and cut off the bottom and the top, this will become the middle section. Use three rolls of tape and somehow stick it all together to make a tube, the holes with the ramps on ours are at 90∘to each other but it is fun to play around with it. Finally stick a mirror to each of the ramps, I used a combination of double sided tape, packing tape and sellotape!
Now send your child out to spy on the neighbours because of course they won't be suspicious of a really long milk carton poking round the corner.
and the motto of the day, 
If at first you don't succeed, use more tape.

*If you are in Japan, this milk is pasturised and is the kind of milk you need if you want to make cheese. The majority of milk here is UHT (bulls milk as my mom calls it) I had been here years before I discovered why the milk tasted funny!

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  1. Nice idea with the milk cartons. We made a much smaller one with an empty toothpaste carton:


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