Thursday 9 June 2011

New hat

finally the sun has started to make an appearance and I realised that Ebi-kun needed a new sun hat so I whipped up a simple bucket hat. One side I used the last bit of this great blue and white fabric, we both love this fabric and of course I am kicking myself for not buying more at the time!

On the other side I used some of the knight fabric, Ebi-kun has got to that stage where you can only get a decent photo is he doesn't realise you have a camera in your hand, this is the reaction to 'give me a smile'!


  1. Love the hat AND the photo face!

    But me being me I noticed your garden is looking great! What are you growing this year? This is your third(?) year square foot gardening? I am really interested in it as a philosophy but not on the scale we garden!

  2. lol well, that corner is looking OK! Let's see, in those boxes they are mostly flowers with the exception of two that have basil -maybe, it smells like basil but it looks different to this years basil so I'm not sure!

    We also have lemon balm, rosemary, more basil, mint, we have a couple of pepper plansts that are being eaten by something, I doubt they will survive, the okra and watermelon have already been killed off! We were given a strawberry plant last year that has gone a bit crazy, lots of strawberries that the slugs have been enjoying, we have managed to save a few. We also have a few potted flowers, I have no idea what most of them are, the morning glory are just coming up, we saved the seeds from last year so hopefully we will have a pretty fence again this year.

    To be honest, the plants have to be hardy, not because of the weather but because of my complete lack of green fingers!

  3. That shirt is hilarious! I cut Eva's bangs (fringe) and it shows!!!

  4. Katy, I wouldn't mind but his dad cuts his hair, I keep meaning to take a fabric pen to the T-shirt and correct it lol


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