Monday 29 August 2011

Dinosaur Expo - Ueno

Yesterday we went to the National Museum of Science and Nature in Ueno, they have a special dino exhibition on which runs through til October. The way the exhibit was set up was pretty cool, looked very dramatic the way they lit the dinosaurs against the black backgrounds.

We hired a set of headphones for ebi-kun, an extra ¥500 but worth it because he actually paid attention to each display, I think without them he would have got bored quickly.

There was very little in the way of English, unlike the rest of the museum which is quite well labelled so daddy-ebi translated random interesting facts for me!

The star players were Triceratops and T-rex, there was new information saying that they now think that triceratops had feet that turned out at an angle which would have helped them run faster.

And we noticed that T-rex had a strange bone structure over his belly area. All in all it is a good expo if you are into dinosaurs, it was really busy so we were reduced to shuffling between displays, in that respect it wasn't laid out very well and there was a LOT of writing, we seemed to be stuck behind a bloke who not only read every little thing, he also took photos of it and about 50 different shots of each dinosaur! A definite dino geek!

We had taken a bento with us and in the main museum there is a lounge are where you can eat, we managed to snag a table - then sat amused watching other people trying to do the same. After lunch we went to the 360 theatre which is AMAZING. You stand on a bridge in the middle of a big ball, film is projected onto every surface of the ball so it is a real 360 cinema effect. If you ever go to this museum it is a MUST! They showed two ten minute films one about dinosaurs and the other was under the ocean. Then we had a look at the dinosaurs in the main building because, you know, spending all morning looking at them isn't enough for some people and then we headed up to the hands on science room which wasn't too busy. Ebi-kun had fun trying out the various experiments, by the time we had finished in there we were pretty much worn out so we headed out for ice-cream then headed home. 

On the way home daddy-ebi started to say he was feeling a bit rough, by the time we got home he was running a fever so he is upstairs in bed, no work for him today!

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