Saturday 27 August 2011

Melted Crayon Art

Yet another Pinterest inspired activity! I have had these mini art boards and easels in the supplies box for quite a while, just waiting for the right project to come along and figured this is one of those projects.

First we peeled the paper off selected crayons, then put a piece of double sided tape at the top of the board and stuck the crayons to the tape. Then the fun begins, we got out the hair-dryer and heated the crayons, it didn't take long before the wax started to melt and dribble. It was fun trying to position the hair-dryer in just the right place.

After the rainbow dribble we tried colouring on a board and melting it but it didn't really do anything impressive so board number three was random pieces of crayon stuck to the board with double sided tape.

Just starting to melt.... and a couple of pieces moved and a couple fell off! We finished off by laying it flat.

Looks like a piece of modern art, we used different makes of crayons and found that they melted at different rates.

I am just wondering, what is your child's preferred art materials? Ebi-kun very rarely gets his crayon tub out, in fact we had to wipe the dust off these! He has 4 buckets on his art shelf, one with crayons, one with coloured pencils, one with felt tips and one is a mix of drawing pencils, rulers and the such like. If he is drawing a 'plan' he will use a pencil but robots, dragons and the such like he uses felt tips or coloured pencils. For paints he always chooses acyclic over everything else, how about your kids?


  1. I love those melted crayon pieces on Pinterest! Yours look fantastic! I'm trying one this weekend :)

  2. I love this! I think O will love it, too...if only we had a hairdryer! Maybe my mom will let us borrow hers :)

    Melissa A


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