Sunday 7 August 2011

A Handy Card / mini book

It is my grandmothers birthday soon so we made her a mini book/card. First we printed Ebi-kun's hands onto stiff card and cut them out once they were dry.
 Then we took a long piece of paper and folded it several times like a concertina and stuck then ends to the 'wrong' side of the card hands. Ebi-kun got to work drawing pictures and writing his message to 'Mother Cock' and she is known!
I think this would be cute just as a little book to share between friends or siblings. They could draw pictures of the things they like about each other.


  1. That's an awesome idea. Yet another one to add to my list of 'things to steal off Jo to do with my kids'.
    Am curious, why Mother Cock? Did it start out as Mother Hen and get lost in translation?

  2. Very sweet idea! I think both my 5 and 2 yr olds would love to make one.

  3. Love this so much! How fab for grandparents who don't see us so often.

  4. Lucky grandma! That card is too cute and adorable. :)


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