Saturday 6 August 2011

Silly sentences with endangered animals

One of my good friends here has children much older than Ebi-kun so we get some good hand-me-downs from her. This is a 'shufflebook' basically it is a set of cards with endangered animals on them plus adjective cards and habitats, you pick up random cards and make a sentence, things like 'the cheetah rolled down a hill, sniffed a panda and wallowed in the mud'. Of course the sillier the sentence the better! As we giggled at the sentences we also talked about why animals have become endangered and which animals are now extinct. We also talked about the collective nouns for animals and I realised that he didn't know many at all so that is something for me to work on with him!
Madi also gave us a pack of magic card tricks and Ebi-kun has been driving me nuts with his 'pick a card....'

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