Sunday 11 September 2011

2:46 and a day to reflect....

Today is 6 months since the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami disaster and 10 years since the 9/11 attacks in America in both cases many, many lives were lost and many more affected their lives changed forever.

I don't want this post to be filled with doom and gloom so I am going to focus of some great people doing great work for those in Tohoku. If anything good has come out of this it is the show of generosity of people from all walks of life from all over the world. You are amazing.

Some of these projects you can get involved with, some will cost you as little as $0.99, I know a lot of you parted with cash after the disaster happened but there are still people living in shelters and broken homes, if you can spare a little more time or money, it is all needed.

Write for Tohoku is an e-book compiled by volunteers writer, editors and designers who live or have lived in Japan. The eBook consists of stories of Japan from over 60 writers, both Japanese and foreign, they share their memories and experiences of Japan. The goal of the book is to raise money for disaster relief and to share the beauty and warmth of Japan with others.

50+ favourite bloggers | 50+ best recipes the concept was simple, gather 50 recipes from 50 bloggers and publish them in a book, the proceeds to go to disaster relief, available as an ebook or hard copy.

Miss M’s Bliss
FromNZwithLove is a project from crafters to get involved with, as the winter months gather closer Miko is collecting small items that can be sent to those still living with little in shelters or temporary housing, pop over to Miko's blog to read more about he campaign.


3.11 ehon project is an organisation collecting Japanese picture books and distributing them to kindergartens, schools, community centres and other places that need them. A great one for those of us in Japan who have too many books! I actually found some Japanese baby books in the pantry the other day and so will be sending them along soon.

Black Water is a beautiful haunting tune that is written and sung by FatBlueMan, it is only $0.99 to download from with itunes or CD Baby and the money raised goes to the charity HOPE and their work in Tohoku.

Quilts for Japan was started by an avid quilter in Calgary but now has donations from around the globe, not only are they making and sending quilts to japan they are also organising kits and teaching survivors of the disaster how to quilt their own, considering how cold it gets in Tohoku (and I know this from living there), this a great idea. 

Quakebook 2:46 both available as an eBook and hard copy, even a bilingual copy now! All money raised  from the sales goes to the Japan Red Cross. This book differs from Write For Tohoku as the stories are about the experience of the actual quake and immediate aftermath.

teddies for tohoku

Teddies for Tohoku I have blogged about before, all the information is here, Rosemary is still collecting bears for little ones.

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  1. There must be a cosmic message as to why both these events happened on the 11th of the month. I still keep seeing 11:11 everywhere.

    I downloaded Black Water song. What a beautiful, haunting song. I will reblog it. Thanks Jo!


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