Monday 12 September 2011

New Skills Festival- Bento Bag with Kat

I can't remember how I stumbled across Kat's blog but when I did I was instantly hit with kawaiiness and had to go through all the archives to see what else she had been making, you should make a cup of tea before you click over, Kat has lots of adorable ideas and tutorials!

Hi All ! I'm Kat from Zakka Inspired : A Craft Blog, and I am tickled silly to be here with you and Jo. Thank you Jo for inviting me !

To confess, blogging began as a bit of a selfish venture, after setting up an etsy shop and reading tip and tip about how a blog is necessary to boost one's business.  After a year, the shop is secondary, stumbling into a world with friends that I have not met in person, tied together with a common thread to create and to share. I was born and grew up in Hawaii; separated from many by a mass ocean; now writing to people in lands far away; Europe, Asia, and across the Americas through blogging...this blows my mind! I love sharing sewing projects inspired from my ever growing Japanese craft book collection. Today I chose a kawaii bento box bag tutorial to share.

For this project you will need the following :

Exterior Cotton Fabric - One Piece 10.5" (width) x 14.5" (height)
Lining Cotton Fabric - One Piece 10.5" (width) x 14.5" (height)
Mid Weight Fusible Interfacing - One Piece 10.5" (width) x 14.5" (height)
Drawstring Fabric - Two Pieces 11" (width) x 5.5" (height)
 Bag Handles - Two straps each 13" long (I used a nylon webbing for this bag. Other options are: cotton webbing or fabric handles or if you like; make this bag without handles)
Other Materials

Drawstring cord - 2 pieces each; 23.5" long
A fabric marker
A general presser foot
A 1/4" seam sewing foot (optional. I love this sewing foot! It makes sewing 1/4" seam so much easier.)
Okay, let's get started

Iron on the interfacing to the back of the exterior fabric; following manufacturer's guidelines.

Fold the exterior fabric in half
Pin the two sides and sew both sides with a 1/4" seam

Next you will sew a boxed corner on both sides. The boxed corner is what adds depth to the bag; the wider the corner; the wider the depth. Snip the top of the seam before flattening. This helps with the measurement process.  Flatten the seam an press open.

Measure 4" across the fabric. Make sure there is 2" on both sides of the open seam. Using your fabric marker; draw a sewing line.

 Sew across your sewing line.  Snip off excess; leaving about 1/2" of fabric. Repeat for remaining corner.  Set this piece aside to work on lining.

 Fold lining in half and pin. On one side, measure 1 3/4" from the top; then measure 2" to 2.5" from that point and mark.  The 2" to 2.5" section is the opening/gap for turning the bag inside out.  Sew a 1/4" seam from the top to the 1 3/4" mark. Skip over the gap and sew from the 2" to 2.5" mark to the bottom. Sew the remaining side.

Sew boxed corners in the same way as the exterior fabric. Set the lining aside to work on the drawstring piece.

Place the 2 drawstring fabric pieces right side together and pin. Measure 2 3/4" from the top on each side and mark. Sew both sides using a ONE HALF inch seam, STOPPING at the 2 3/4" mark.
Press seams open.

Turn over edge to hide raw edges. Press.

Sew along the folded edge. Repeat for remaining side.

To make the drawstring casing; turn down the top edge 1/4" and press.

Fold over again about 1 1/2".  Stitch in place.

With the front of the exterior section facing out, measure 2.5" from each side for strap placement and mark.  Place the straps at the marking; aligned with the top edge. Pin straps in place and baste with a few stitches.

Joining the drawstring piece with the body (exterior section) : 
Place the body inside the drawstring piece; right sides together. Pin top edges together and sew completely around.  Pull up the drawstring piece and press the joined edge and top stitch along this edge on the body side.

 Joining the Lining : 
Fold down the drawstring piece again to expose the top edge again.  Place the bag/strap/drawstring piece into the lining; right side of lining to wrong side of drawstring piece.  Sew along the top edge. 

Pull the body through the gap in the lining. Make everything nice and pretty-like.

Sew the gap in the lining with a ladder stitch or with a straight stitch along the edge.  To do a ladder stitch, thread your needle and knot at the end. Insert needle a few stitches away from the opening. Tug a bit to make sure the knot is secured. Continue to 'sew' in the seam with small stitches until you reach the opening. Here's a youtube video on how to do this stitch.

Sew a small stitch along the inside of the edge. 

Now sew a small stitch on the inside of the opposite edge.

Continue sewing along alternate edges until you reach the end of the opening. Sew in the seam about 3 times; Tie a knot and insert your needle back into the side seam. Tug a bit until the knot disappears into the seam.  Sew a few stitches again in the seam.

 To end; bring your needle up about 2 inches away from the side seam and cut thread

Insert one drawstring; starting from the left side of the bag. Then insert the second drawstring right side of the bag. Tie cord ends. 

 Place your Hello Kitty Bento Box in your new Kawaii Bento Box Bag and enjoy your lunch !

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  1. kawaii!! i love this project for its practicality and cuteness! thanks for sharing.

  2. Your detailed pictures are awesome! Gives me confidence to give this project a go! Thanks for sharing!


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