Thursday 1 September 2011

New Skills Festival- Dream Boards with Jamie

A while ago I was looking for some new crafty based podcast to listen to since both my regular crafty podcasters had stopped making them, anyway I came across Jamie of Jamie Ridler Studios, her podcasts are encouraging and inspirational and she has interviews with a wide range of creative women. I thought Jamie would be the perfect person to help you find your inner creative self...

Hi, everyone! My name is Jamie Ridler and I’m a creative living coach and the director of Jamie Ridler Studios. I live in Toronto, Canada and my mission is to help women all over the world find the courage and confidence to discover and express their creative selves so they can shine like the star they are. One of the tools I use in my work is also one of my favourite creative activities: making a dreamboard. It’s a fun and simple way of using collage to get in touch with your heart and with your dreams. What is a dreamboard? It’s simply a collection of words and images that invite what you want into your life. 
 All you need is:

  • Poster board (You could also use your journal or a piece of cardboard)
  • Images from magazines or that you gather from cards, posters, anywhere!
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Markers (optional)
That’s it! Give yourself a few hours to really enjoy the process of creating your dreamboard. Connect to your heart and your dreams while you look through magazines and choose images that inspire you. Maybe you want to travel or find a new place to live. Look for pictures that represent your favourite travel destinations or your ideal home. Maybe you want a puppy or more money or more energy. Look for images that represent each of those desires.

Let your intuition choose too (or your cat!) You don’t always have to know why you’re picking a picture. I’ve been surprised to see turtles and ladders and the colour red appear on my dreamboards. Sometimes only much later did I understood why they were there (and sometimes I still wonder)!

Once you have a pile of images that you like, explore where you’d like to place them on your board. Try different combinations. Notice any trends or patterns. You may find that not all of the images you picked make it to the page. That’s okay. You can always make another dreamboard! When you have a good idea of where you’d like everything, it’s time to glue the pictures down. Once everything is in place, you’re done!

Put your dreamboard somewhere that you can see it all the time. Let it inspire you every day. And look for signs of your dreams coming true! If you’d like a complete lesson in how to create a dreamboard, I have a video available here: Part 1 and Part II. On my blog, we share our dreamboards every month under the full moon. I’d love for you to join us! Here's to your dreams! Jamie Blog: Jamie Ridler Studios Facebook: Jamie Ridler Studios page Twitter: @starshyne Podcast: Creative Living with Jamie


  1. I've been wanting to make my own dream board and this is really the most fabulous tutorial. Thank you so much!

  2. have heard of them being called moodboards, but dreamboard is so much more inspiring. These posts are really encouraging me to give a project a go!

  3. I don't have much in the way of magazines to cut up but I can see me making one with pictures off the net, thanks again for sharing xx

  4. I'm so glad this is inspiring each of you to create a board! You may just find it a life-changing practice. I certainly have :)

    And jojoebi, you might want to check out Polyvore. I know quite a few people who have used it to create their boards online.

    Enjoy! Happy creative dreaming!


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