Monday 19 September 2011

New Skills Festival Social Media with Elana

Today's guest is a friend from old, we met when we were both living in Jerusalem, thanks to social media we re-found each other many years later so it is only appropriate that Elana from Social Status do a post about social media isn't it, plus that is her area of expertise!

Hi I am Elana. I am a Social Media Advisor/Trainer. Here is a brief introduction to social media and ‘Social Mediaquette’

Social Media combines PR, customer service, marketing, advertising, branding, promoting, blogging, communicating, sharing (you name it!) and it is a brilliant tool for anyone of any age. I focus my training for people who work from home, small businesses and non profit organisations however anyone can use social networks and social platforms to build a brand, business, network, page, group, club or charity for community awareness online. (The possibilities are limitless)

I believe in engaging, connecting, communicating, learning and building a community online. I believe very strongly in teaching about awareness and working towards social learning and social good and hope that you all can make use of web 2.0 – whether you choose social media for business or personal use.

I have been blogging since 2005 and cannot even begin to express how valuable social media has been for me. I have access to hundreds of new skills and people, find information 24/7 and get to communicate with book worms and pet lovers. I have combined my training, customer service and communication skills and as a trainer, I learn something new every day. The people I teach, learn the value of social learning, social skills, social etiquette and social communication. Businesses and brands are learning how to connect and communicate with their clients and are learning that they have to listen! It is simply the best way I know to interact ... and I still encourage people to network, attend conferences, go to workshops and meet offline. (Are you convinced yet?!)

While I do train individuals and small groups/workshops, I am also available to train via Skype and email as well. And give loads of advice on my Blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’d love to hear from you.

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