Monday 10 October 2011

A bike around the park

It was a three day holiday this weekend so Saturday we did the usual shopping and then Ebi-kun had his football lesson, I went along for a gossip with the other moms. Then Yesterday we went to Shinrin park, it is a government run park with a great cycle path so we took Ebi-kun's bike with us and then daddy-ebi and I hired bikes for the day. Usually when we go to this park we end up staying near the one exit so we decided to explore a bit since we had the bikes...

I always end up taking photos of things that I have no idea what they are with the intention of looking them up but then I don't get round to it, so if you know what anything is, give me a shout please!

Ebi-kun spotted this mukade at the side of the cycle path, it was a good 15cm long and evil looking. I have never seen one like this before, I have heard people complaining about finding them in the house and I always thought they were talking about the little horrible things we get, about 5cm long and black, if I saw this in our house I would be out of there.

No idea what this little fella is.

Ebi-kun was in grasshopper heaven, this was about the 5th one of this size that he caught, he was a bit annoyed that we hadn't bought the bug box with us.

Pretty flower...

OK, I know this one, bamboo! Something so peaceful about bamboo forests.

And another random, I have no idea what it is pic. It was a lovely day, we were all shattered by the time we got home and all ended up going to bed early - country air, it does that to you.


  1. The purple flower is EITHER a cyclamen OR a dogtooth violet. The black bobbly seeds are udo!

  2. The boy is cute.

    The mukade is not.

  3. Hi Jo,

    Longtime reader - first time poster ;)

    I recognise the pretty flower as a cyclamen. They're often sold as gifts in New Zealand as a flowering potplant for indoors (often on special around Mothers Day?). If you keep them on a shady windowsill you can manipulate the flower stalks as the flowers lean towards the light. I must have seen them growing outdoors before but I simply can't recall an instance. :)

    Astrid :)

  4. thank you! the cyclamen were very pretty there were pink and white ones.

  5. The last photo may be of elderberries. They make nice cordials out of the berries and also the flowers. I think Ikea has elderflower cordial.


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