Friday 14 October 2011

Diddly - Squat

That is about how much work I got done yesterday! I had a friend drop by for lunch, it was the first time she has been to the house so I had to whizz round and make it look presentable, luckily it wasn't too bad for a change. Then I had a mad dash down to the supermarket because I had nothing in to feed her or anything for dinner. So we had a lovely long chat about this and that. Ebi-kun got home from yochien, he had organised for the girl down the road to come and play so in the afternoon we ended up with her family round here. Somehow I managed to make dinner in the middle of it all and shoved it in the oven - yuummm cottage pie! I did make up a poetry basket for Ebi-kun, I'll share that when he has discovered it.
Of course, I did have time to have a mooch on pinterest, (if you are on there let me know) here are a few of my current faves....

Men, take note....

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I really want to make this but it calls for buttermilk, any ideas what to use instead (can't get it here)

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I love this idea, not sure my husband would be up for doing it to the house!

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Wish we had a wall to put this on...

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If I had these set up around the house, just think how easy it would be to keep the place tidy (until all the baskets were full that is!)...

The boo and the boy

and finally, you now know why their pants are too big...

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  1. I heard you can mix lemon juice with milk for a buttermilk substitute.

  2. Hay there... Your buttermilk question is answered in the comments of this post ( 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to every cup of milk and leave it to stand for ten minutes.
    And I love those baskets too!!! Imagine what you could hide up there- out of sight!!! Have a great day...


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