Friday 14 October 2011

In the book bag.....

Ebi-kun has finished all the magic tree house books that we have (up to book 20) and he was starting to get a bit bored with them, I think because they were getting too easy, they are chapter books but he can read them in one sitting. A couple of weeks ago a friend lent us the first of the Beast Quest books and what can I say? The boy is hooked, he has just finished book 2 and has asked me to order book four so that he doesn't have to wait after he has finished number three.
The story is basically about a boy who has to free 6 beasts that have been enchanted so that the land where he lives can return to normal, it's exciting, involves knights and steeds, dragons and dangerous missions, of course he loves it! It is also a bit more difficult so it is challenging his reading skills too.

Sepron the Sea Serpent

I have just noticed that there are 42 books so far.... I wonder how many he will read before he gets bored of these? I haven't seen any of the other books so I don't know if they are graded, probably not, which would be a shame.


  1. I'll pop into the bookshop and check if they're graded. I too doubt it but there' sno harm in looking.

  2. I don't think he will get sick of them. My son's 11 and they are way to easy for him (he didn't discover them until last year), but he's still hanging out for our library to get in the latest series. When we borrow them, he's pretty much finished by the time we get home from the library, but he loves them. You know they have them in Japanese translation too, so Ebi-kun can read them in both languages.

  3. Also, the same author has written a slightly more advanced (in terms of reading level) series of a similar bent, called Avantia. My son loves them too.

  4. Thanks Clare, good to know, I just happy he has found something new to get his teeth into! I'm not really sure what his reading level is like in japanese, will have to get daddy on the case..


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