Thursday 6 October 2011

Electric fun....

We have been doing some more of the Action Pack experiments, the 'static electricity hair and balloon experiment' was very popular, Ebi-kun thought it was highly amusing. 

And we tried picking up paper with it too.

Then we tried another baking soda and vinegar experiment, I am now all out of baking soda! There is a similar sort experiment in the pack but this version is out an old magazine, something I saved years ago and now I'm not sure where I got it from.

Use a funnel and half fill the balloon with baking soda, carefully remove the funnel.

Pour some vinegar into a plastic bottle, we used about 1/5th of the bottle. Then pull the balloon opening over the bottle but don't let the baking soda fall in the bottle.

When it is secure, lift up the balloon and shake the contents into the bottle....

Sit back and watch the magic! We left the experiment out over night and the balloon had deflated this morning but not completely. Ebi-kun had made a note of the time and day of the experiment and we are going to see how long it takes for it to deflate completely.

I picked up a bag of lemons the other day so I will ask Ebi-kun which of the Action Pack zesty recipes he wants to try.

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