Thursday 6 October 2011

Culture Swap partners wanted....

I have joined the culture swap that Melissa at Chasing Cheerios organised and I have two sets of goodies left over. Our Africa and Asia boxes are quite lacking in items so if you are in Africa or have ties to somewhere in Africa and can put together a few items and the same goes for Asia, specifially Mongolia, any of the 'stans' except Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar or any of the Arabian countries then please get in touch.

The package I have put together contains several small items from Japan and I also made a PDF written in the voice of Ebi-kun and with loads of printables for you to use.

I plan to give Ebi-kun a package at the start of each month and we will concentrate of that continent for the month. I want to make him a passport to go with it but I haven't got round to that yet.


  1. Hi,
    I am from Mongolia, what do you need for your Asia box?

  2. I live in the US but I am currently in Nigeria and would love to put together an Africa box. Please let me know what kind of things should go in the box. It can be mailed the 3rd week of october as that is when I will be back in the US.

    Ps. I am taking the playful learning class and that is how I found your blog. Email me with details junnifa at gmail dot con


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