Tuesday 25 October 2011


Pandas hit Ueno
Photo Credit: timdesuyo
Today we had to be up and out the house by 7.10am because Ebi-kun had his yochien ensoku - a trip to the zoo! One of his classmates gave us a lift, thankfully otherwise we would have had to leave much earlier. They needed to take a bento, I was more than happy to provide Ebi-kun with a pocket sando (a sandwich that is sealed around the edges) since that is what he requested, to make it fancy I used food pens to draw a lion on the front, the rest was the usual bento fare and sorry, I didn't take a picture and because I am not a yochien slave, I made it the night before!

The kids were all super excited as we packed them off on the coaches, I had a bit of the 'what if's'  as we waved them off, this is the first trip he has been on without me or daddy since the big earthquake in March. Last year when we sent them off, I just had the normal mommy worries (I am assuming they are normal!) you know, what if he gets lost or separated from the group but this time it was more about if there was an earthquake, what if it happened when they were in the zoo, would the lions escape and eat all the kiddies? - yeah I know, totally (mostly) irrational. Well they all made it back OK, no children with severed or missing limbs!

Ueno Zoo(2008.7.19) - 075
Photo Credit: saname777

Once the kids had set off the moms went to the yochien to prepare for the autumn fair, this year we have to prepare the crafts for the 'make your own toy' stall, right up my alley you would have thought, not really, far too much faffing around and time wasting for my liking, seriously, I could have got it all done and dusted by myself in the same time it took 20 adults to do it. I escaped around 11.30am saying I had to meet a friend, she teaches until 12 so I checked out the new stationary store to kill a bit of time then we went for lunch. We had a good gossip and catch up, it has been a while since we have had a natter then it was back to yochien for 3pm to meet the kids. They looked like they had a great time but all look shattered and so did the sensei's! Ebi-kun said his favourite this year were the penguins and the panda's. So, tomorrow is a holiday and Ebi-kun is going for his elementary school health check, the one we missed last week and we also have to crack on with the cauldron if it is to be finished by the weekend.

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