Monday 24 October 2011

MTD counting


1 pecan nut
2 mini cheese
3 mini tomatoes
4 yellow pepper pieces
5 carrot flowers
6 orange sweeties
7 pineapple chunks
8 little fishes
9 raisins
and a whole load of spaghetti!

for more muffin tin love, pop over to the muffin tin mom....

Muffin Tin Monday at


  1. This is adorable! and Looks very yummy! Great job!

  2. Love this idea! Might have to do it one day.

  3. This is a yummy lesson in numbers.

  4. A great idea. My little one would love this.

  5. Would you believe I still haven't got round to trying this even though I think it is the most fabulous meal idea for children ever. Must look into buying about 18 muffin containers when home next week. What on earth will I do with them when the kids are too old? Perhaps put them in their memories box and they can use them with their kids. Family heirloom muffin containers. ... ... Did Ebi-kun eat all of that?

  6. What a great idea to make a counting theme! I am going to try to store this in my mental file folder of muffin tin ideas...nope that won't work. I am going to pin it instead...that way, I am sure to remember!

  7. Cute! Love the counting theme and all your little picks!

  8. Great idea... This as well as another MTM post today, have inspired me- I have a blog about teaching kids to be good eaters, but I'm also a math teacher- I love the idea of linking the two with a number themed MTM- plus, this is a great excuse to only give one or two of something :) Thanks for sharing!


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