Thursday 6 October 2011

More plastic clay fun....

I am a bit behind with some of my posts, so a wee catch-up. Monday daddy-ebi had the day off and so did Ebi-kun because it was the day after the sports festival. Ebi-kun asked if we could have a games afternoon which basically means playing games all afternoon! We got out Operation but discovered one of the pieces was missing so I suggested we made a new piece using the plastic clay.

So, we got it out after lunch and what would have taken 5 minutes to make the missing part ended up in 2 hours of playing with the clay. Ebi-kun made a mini-mini volcano and asked for baking powder and vinegar to make the explosions.

Daddy-ebi got stuck in and made a dragonfly....

And I tried using the clay molds and made some veg....

If you are in Japan, you can buy this clay through Amazon jp.

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