Tuesday 11 October 2011

National Sports day...

Yesterday was national sports day, a public holiday and Ebi-kun had requested to go to a space or science museum so we headed to the prefecture museum in Urawa. Downstairs has a lot of hands on experiments which were fun and we went in the planetarium for the show. Upstairs is pretty dull, think old school museum, lots of writing, there were some experiments but a lot of the equipment wasn't working or not turned on.

When we cam out we popped across the road to see what was going on, kids sumo! Non of the kids were very big though, in fact some of them were tiny.

By this time we were hungry so we headed back with the intention of stopping somewhere to eat but then I spotted a Tesco (who are sadly pulling out of Japan) so we went in, I cleared the shelf of baked beans, treated myself to a packet of ginger nuts and malted milk and we picked up some things for lunch. We stopped off at the park for a picnic and the boys played football for a while.

The weather is lovely at the moment, my kind of temperature, although I have seen plenty of people cracking out their winter woolies, I am still quite happy in a T-shirt, hope we have a few ore weeks of this.

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