Saturday 15 October 2011

Of bumps, T-shirts and tears...

So, Ebi-kun got home yesterday with a massive bump over his eye where he had head-butted the metal steps just before coming home. He was also sporting a BIG plaster on his side from where he had lost a sumo bout and managed to scrape himself and both elbows had scrapes from another incident plus  a cut on his foot, you would have thought I send him off to boot camp each morning!

I decided to go through his clothes draws to find out what still fits and what needs to go and that is when we had the tears, you see, he has out-grown his favourite T-shirts and he REALLY didn't want to give them up, one was this gecko T....

He has a pile of plain T-shirts so I suggested I cut the gecko out and sew it onto a new T-shirt, he was OK with that, so that is basically what I did....

One happy little boy, I am still surprised how attached he is to his clothes. Of course, he now wants me to do the same to his Ramones, Mr Bump and Skull T-shirts! He has gone off to yochien this morning in a shirt and tie for his graduation photo, I have NO idea why they get their photo done in October when they don't graduate until March. At least the eye bump had gone down a bit and he wasn't sporting a black eye, which looked like a possibility yesterday. Although, i like school pics that have a bit of character to them, like the one where my brother borrowed his mates denim jacket and wore it for the school photo, my mom went mad when it came back or the one when I was about 7, mom had done my hair all nice and off to school I went but decided I wanted it in a different style so I did it myself, completely wonky bunches lol.

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  1. I love this idea! My boys are unduly attached to some of their things as well--tees in particular.


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