Monday 28 November 2011

Aki matsuri

Sunday was the yochien aki matsuri (autumn fair). We had to be there bright and early to help set up and then I was on yaki-soba selling duties. It was already made and boxed up, all I had to do was pop it in a bag with some chopsticks and we sold out in 40 minutes - yee haa! 
Each class has a stall, they have some kind of food to sell and some kind of game of activity for the kids to join in with. So, apart from the yaki-soba our stall had the kids making masks and other small toys. They charge the kids ¥10~30 for each activity, I gave Ebi-kun about ¥200 before we arrived and told him to spend what he liked. He said he would save some to put some in his money box to go towards the Lego he wants!

Ebi-kun and his best friend making masks

the scary duo!
and no, mum doesn't cut his hair - daddy does!
One of the classes run a treasure hunt, you have a sheet with various famous books on it and you have to find moms that are wearing the matching book placard, when you find her she will stamp your card. Once the card is filled you win a prize.

The yochien also has various mamas circles so some of them had stalls too, selling things that they have made. I found it rather amusing that one stall was selling Christmas decorations, the yochien is part of a Shinto shrine! Those that hadn't had chance to view the artwork are free to do so all day, it was really busy, kids running round excitedly, spending money like it was going out of fashion. All the money raised this year will go to the victims of the earthquake.
And yes, Ebi-kun did save some of him money and it went straight to the money box as soon as he got home.

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