Monday 28 November 2011

New favourite drink

We picked up this yuzu drink a couple of weeks ago, it is basically like marmalade, you put a spoon of it in your mug, add hot water and stir. Surprisingly lovely, who would have thought of making jam into a drink? The Koreans apparently! What is your favourite wintery drink?


  1. I've seen these in the Asian supermarket we frequent here in Melbourne and have always wondered what they taste like, but the bottles are quite large and not that cheap, so haven't had the courage to buy one. With your endorsement, I might give it a go. There was a ginger one that I quite liked the sound of.

  2. My husband had his eye on the ginger one but ginger gives me a 'funny tummy' so we opted for yuzu instead, Ebi-kun wanted to try the karin fruit, maybe we will try that next time.

  3. Ooooh I love Yuzu drink! I tried Yuzu tea sometime ago and fell in love with it, but I can only find Yuzu Calpis at the stores. It is good too though. I will try looking for this one. Looking yummy!


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