Monday 14 November 2011

Design Festa Vol. 34

Well Design Festa was amazing again. This time we talked daddy-ebi into coming with us, I think he had trouble taking it all in, although he is a designer he designs industrial mixing machines so it is all very much to do with the way things work not whether they look good! He said that even though he works in design he had no idea about all the colourful, crazy, weird stuff, it was like a different world. My world! All this crazy stuff is what it is like in my head all the time! 

Be warned, This is going to be a picture heavy post, I can never narrow it down to just one or two pictures because of the vast area of artists showcasing their work. If I am able to I have linked to the artists web page but I didn't manage to get info for all the artists.

There are several artists painting live on these enormous walls, it is great to pop back at the end of the day to see how they have progressed. 

this girls website is really cute!

They also have a dark area so that artists that rely on a lack of light can show off their goods, this whales was amazing, all glass pieced together.

su-ho san

There are also lots of random people dressed up and walking around, these two girls were funny and loving having their picture taken.

Each section has a theme, illustration, zakka, installation art etc. but you never know what will be at the next stall or round the next corner, like these rather amusing chairs!

The only real rules that applies to the festival is that whatever you are presenting is your own original work, there was a lot of work that I loved and quite a bit that was just, well, strange...

Not only are there the stalls where some people are just showcasing their work others selling things, there is also an outdoor and an indoor stage plus people spotted around and about playing instruments too.

I must admit, I am guilty often of thinking in my head 'oh. I could make that' but then there are somethings when I think 'how on earth do they have the patience to do that?' This was one, the whole dragon was about 5 foot tall and made out of paper, amazing.

We watched this punk band for a couple of tracks but we spent most of the time trying to decided if one of the groupies was male or female!

These little fellas seem to be popular with the blokes, I'm not sure what they are but there were several similar stalls selling their own version or design.

black rabbit

The boys got tired so I left them to watch a fashion show and some Bali island dancing whilst I had a mooch...

When I came back for them I spotted these people with their backs painted.

This was one of my favourite stalls and of course I am now kicking myself for not buying something, just look how cute these little dolls are! They remind me of something from when I was little but I can't think what.


Each time I have been I have tried to pay attention to how the stall owners are displaying their work - which stalls work the best but often I get distracted, there is just too much great stuff going on...


These fish were amazing, the girl I chatted to said the smaller fish take up to two years and this one and the other bigger fish take up to 5 years. They are real fish and somehow they dye the bones and cartilage, I couldn't get a shot of the display because everyone was trying to get a close look at the fish but it was pretty cool!

New World Transparent Specimens

One of the great things about the festa is meeting all the weird and wonderful people, some people seem to hide at the back of their stall others are out there and in your face, some artists just sit and carry on painting/sketching/sewing or whatever it is they do. So, the next one, I will get myself a stall (I missed it this time because all the stalls were taken :o( )

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