Monday 14 November 2011


Yesterday we spent the day at Design Festa - more on that later, when I have sorted through the squillions of photos I took! Anyway as we got home, just as we turned into our street we could see the delivery man at our door, which could only mean one thing.... LEGO

Ebi-kun really wanted this Earth Dragon to go with his ninjago Lego but I refused to buy it and told him he needed to save up and then he could buy it himself. He had been doing odd jobs around the house and he already had some money in his money box but then Baa-chan sent him some money to buy books with. Of course he thought he could use Baa-chan's money to buy the Lego but I didn't want him to do that since it defeated the object of him earning the money! 
So, Friday he got his money out and counted how much he had then checked the prices on - it had been reduced so he had enough without Baa-chan's money and still had some left over! As soon as daddy-ebi got home, Ebi-kun was on at him to get it ordered! So when it arrived he was SO excited.

He had time to open it before dinner but not to build it, we said he could build it if there was enough time after he had finished his dinner, now anyone who has met Ebi-kun will tell you that he is the slowest eater in the world, taking over an hour at meals times is not unusual - it drives me insane, but not yesterday, he was done after half and hour and ready to build. I am glad we stuck to our guns and didn't let him use the money Baa-chan had sent for books, he now has his eye on a different set.... let the saving begin!

I remember the first thing that I saved up for, it was a teddy bear that was £4.99 and on offer on the back of Rice Krispies cereal, I was so excited when it arrived and it took me, what seemed like forever to save up for it, I think you needed x amount of tokens too, do you remember the first thing you bought with your own money?

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