Tuesday, 8 November 2011

raining rainbows....

This experiment is so pretty and I am sorely tempted to have another go when Ebi-kun is at yochien! Very easy to set up, you need:

A glass contained, we used a vase
Shaving foam
food colour (we used Wilton gels mixed with water)
Spoons or dropped for the coloured water

Fill the glass container about 2/3s full then squirt a layer of shaving foam on the top, spread it out so it covers all the water.

Use a spoon or dropper and drop the coloured water onto the shaving foam. The shaving foam floats on the water but the coloured water will gradually soak through because it is denser than the shaving foam....

and when it does.... it looks like it is raining rainbows!

Be sure to look right under the shaving roam cloud, it is so, so pretty...

Very delicate and the colours seep through gently...

I had to wash out the vase so we could try again with a different set of colours and then, just for the heck of it we added some vinegar!

It even looked pretty from the top by the time we had finished.

What? you are still here? Go on, go get your shaving foam, you know you want to...

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  1. I have seen some great shaving cream things around online and I want to try it with the boys but am not sure of the best one to buy. Plus I guess I would have to test it first to make sure if it gets in their eyes it doesn`t sting- Noah is pretty good about that kind of thing though but still... Even shaving foam in the bath would be fun for Noah at his age I think! Great sensory experience!

    This is really pretty- I love the photos you took! They really show off the great colours

  2. thank you!
    I just bought the cheapest one in the shop. The only problem is that the can likes to be held upright to spray so getting it out is a pain - not sure what happens if you get it in your eyes, and no, I am not about to test if for you!

  3. We are definitelly gonna do this! Thank You for the inspiration.
    greetings from Poland ;-)

  4. This looks so fun! Definitely gonna try it

  5. where did you put the vinegar? In the water? In the dye? What difference did it make?

    1. we dropped the vinegar in like we did with the food colour but it didn't have any effect

  6. I saw this on The Crafty Crow and just had to come comment! Love how neat this looks and I know my son will love it too - anything with shaving cream or colored water is a big hit. :) We'll be doing this around St. Patrick's Day when we like to talk about rainbows; it is the perfect activity. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I was far more impressed with this than I thought I would be, it was sooo pretty, I took about a million pictures :o)
      Hope yours goes well!

  7. How fun! Just pinned this so I can try it with my kids. Thanks! Vicky from www.messforless.net

    1. I'm not sure who enjoyed it most, me or the boy :o)

  8. 7 hours later and we are still waiting for the color to find it's way to the water. We used liquid food coloring & Barbasol shaving cream. Perhaps we should have used colored water - guess we will have to try a couple more times

    1. 7 hours! you have more patience than me. Ours took a minute, two tops.
      I used the cheapest shaving cream in the store and the food color was watered down, my food color is actually gel so I need to water it down, maybe that was the problem? I have no idea!
      Hope it works next time.

  9. Hi, thank you for this cool post. We used watered down and normal food coloring versions latter was definitely more bright.....but fun both times. I linked it back to you. Check it out.


    In it you can also see our other solor wirl activity we did taken from another blog :)

  10. Hi thanks for this fun post. We tried the watered down and regular liquid food coloring version. The latter looked cooler, but both were fun. Check it out
    While there, you can check out our color swirl activity 2 posted at the end of the post. That is an upgrade to this cool effect. So fun !

  11. I was looking for an idea for for after half term and this looks perfect, i can't wait to try it out with my kindergarten class, i know they will just love it. Thanks =]


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