Tuesday 6 December 2011

Guest Posts...

Back in September I hosted a series of guests posts which was fun, they introduced me to to a whole load of new blogs and bought new readers to my blog. A lot of my foot traffic for my shop comes through my blog so it is important to me that I keep my readers happy and the content of my blog stays interesting (I hope). When I asked you in a survey a while back the feedback basically boiled down to you wanting the content to stay as it is, fair enough.

That said, the blog has grown considerably, especially since I started it primarily for the folks back home! and now I am getting approached by companies who want to sponsor ads, posts or pay for links embedded into posts that I have already written. Some of this I am not comfortable with and some I am happy to take the money and considering I am not in that top one percentile of the super rich, the money certainly comes in handy.

I'm not sure how many have noticed but I don't usually blog on a Sunday unless I have pre-written the post, I try to stay off the computer on Sundays and spend time with my family instead, so I have been thinking, a lot, about this and decided to try a regular (scheduled) Sunday post featuring guest posts. They may be in the form of an interview, a tutorial, a giveaway, a sponsored post... I haven't set any specific format, we will see what comes along. My plan is to keep it to one post a week, on a Sunday, so if you have a blog/store/cause you want to promote drop me a line and we will work something out but keep in mind whatever it is must fit in with my blog and nice photos please!

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