Tuesday 6 December 2011

making presents...

Ebi-kun was given a big pot of these beads, I don't remember the name but when you have placed them all your iron them to fuse them together. To be honest he hasn't done much with them, they were Thomas themed and well, he just isn't a Thomas fan, I suggested he ditched the templates and designed his own, he was stuck on what to do until I suggested making coasters as Christmas presents and the he was off, kept him quiet for hours...

and the added bonus is that it is great exercises for those pincer muscles, I also let him fuse the beads, no photos since I was too busy keeping a beady eye on him!


  1. VERY impressed Ebi-kun. I tried making one of those once and kept bumping my board and having to re-set them all again and again. Too frustrating to be fun for me!

  2. They are marketed as Hama Beads in the UK. We used to have (still do) tons of them as well. We also ditched the templates, more fun to do your own thing!

  3. My inlaws have a summer place on the coast of Maine (USA) These beads are there with a bunch of different shaded bases. My youngest just liked to sort them by colors. The older girls would make these everytime. There was always a rainy day and this was the perfect activity.


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