Thursday 15 December 2011

Keeping The Magic Alive....

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Ebi-kun still believes in Santa, I know there are some non believers out there but he isn't one of them, I think we have an advantage as it were because Santa is not such a big thing here and I reckon half the Japanese kids think that Colonel Sanders is actually Santa.

This little video message from Santa at the Portable North Pole is brilliant, I sent one to Ebi-kun, his face was a picture. You need to have 3 photos which makes it so much better, they also have adult versions, I have had fun sending some of those too.

There is Caputure The Magic where you up load of photo of your living room then super-impose a Santa of your choice into the picture and then print it out, you have to pay for this service but I reckon you can probably do it yourself using our friend google images and photoshop.

One of our favourite things to do on Christmas eve is to watch Santa as he travels around the world whilst being tracked by NORAD

What do you do to keep the magic alive?


  1. We love Norad Santa and spookily enough Santa (PNP) sent me and the girls messages today - the girls were enthralled :) At 8 I think Anya still believes in Santa!

  2. I've heard about this video from Santa. Glad I still have time to do it for my girls. Thanks for the link (and reminder!)


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