Monday 23 January 2012

2:46 - Rebuilding a town

A friend who lives up in Iwate posted this on FB the other day and I felt it was worth sharing. This was filmed in November in one of the tsunami worst hit towns, Ishinomaki. At the time it was filmed 1 in 2 people were unemployed and one person every three days was committing suicide, pretty grim figures. To make matters worse, the unemployment benefit that people were getting at the time has now been stopped. I don't know the current figures but I don't imagine they are much better.

The video isn't all doom and gloom though, it also shows people pulling together, starting to rebuild the community, mostly it shows how much work there is still to do, it shows the reality.

From the video I discovered a new-to-me group, it's not just mud who are doing a great job in the area. Have a look through their website to see how you can help either with volunteer work, donations or maybe you have connections that can help them achieve what they are working on.

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  1. Wow. I watched that video then this one:
    at the end, there's an amateur videographer who captured the earth opening. (the video said the earth opening had never been filmed before.)


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