Saturday 21 January 2012

An afternoon trip to Barbados...

In my dreams! Due to being super organised this week (see previous post) I managed to get Ebi-kuns first swap pack ready, from the swaps that we did which Melissa from Chasing Cheerios organised and because we have had a treasure themed month so far I picked the pack from the Caribbean which meant a trip to Barbados was in order.

The pack we received had a map, sticker flag, photos, tourist info book a sea turtle pencil, a bag of local sugar and a letter from the children. I added to it a couple of pages printed out from learning pages, a couple of pages prepped to stick the photographs on, some fun facts about the island, a quiz and a holiday itinerary to fill in.

We used the tourist guide book and Ebi-kun picked activities and sight-seeing places to go to plus somewhere to eat every night and then we used the map to find the places we were going to. Next time we will take this a step further and we will work out travel times and the such like too.

Once he has filled in most of the pages and done the quiz etc he found a treasure hunt clue, this led to a mad scramble around the house, I hid 8 clues to find the treasure, eventually he found his treasure - a sea turtle pencil!

He didn't quite finish everything so the last couple of pages he did the next day, the he made a cover and we bound all the pages together. I have decided we will do this for each destination so eventually we will have a file of places that he has 'visited'

Whilst he was working on the project we listened to Calypso music on the National Geographic site, great place to start if you are looking for world music and we use The Blue Planet book for reference about sea turtles, google for info on green monkeys and I put together a pinterest board with some visuals of Barbados. Usually when we go 'visiting' we try and make a dish from that country but I had a real problem finding anything that had easily accessible ingredients, I did read that mac and cheese was popular so we had that, although I am not sure how true that is!

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