Tuesday 10 January 2012

amazing bottle maze....

Ebi-kun LOVES mazes so I whipped up this to keep him busy for a while. I used a 5l vinegar bottle, a clear bottle would have been better but this is what we had. Then using a sharpie I drew on a long and complicated maze, it starts at the bottom and goes all the way round and up to the top.
To make it more challengingI put a magnet inside and gave him another and so he had to use the magnet to get one inside to the top.....

Not as easy as it looks *evil cackle*


  1. Brilliant idea!

  2. what another great idea!! I have just the right magnets.

  3. Your creativity never ceases to amaze and impress me!!
    Happy Belated New Year!

  4. *evil cackle*

    I love how, as moms, we get to mess with our children sometimes. All for their educational development, of course.

  5. We used strong magnets, a little one on the inside.
    It would be fun to have different goals - colour co-ordinated then they have to get the right colour magnet to the right goal.

    Angela, I am a big fan of the *evil cackle education sytstem* :o)

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  7. Love this idea!
    I'm already on a second bottle, because my son loves this bottle mazes very much.

    1. I have been trying to think of a way to make it even more difficult...

    2. I'm using small mt-tapes for doing the way and for long "wrong turns" to make it more difficult.


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