Monday 9 January 2012

Monkeying about...

Ebi-kun picked out some monkey goodies for my cousin, the pen is cute, you push down one ear to get blue and the other to get red, on a whim I made a monkey purse to go with it, I hope these remind her of the cheeky monkey that is Ebi-kun!

Today is the last day of the holidays for Ebi-kun, I am quite happy for him to go back since he never stops talking! He is continuously bombarding me with questions such as...

Q. If you were going to make a beast (ref. Beast Quest books) which two animals would you choose to and what would it's special power be?

Q. Why do some satsumas/mikans have more pith than others?

Q. If you were a ninjago character which one would you be? Why?

Q. Is the moon travelling the same speed as the car? How does it know when to slow down or speed up?

Q. What does caffeine look like?

Q. Was it Nana or Cocky (his great grandma) who was at the birth of Jesus?

Obviously the last one reduced me to a fit of giggles, but a bit of peace and quiet will be lovely! My head cold finally feels like it is clearing although my throat is still sore - probably from continuously having to answer Ebi-kun's stream of questions! Time to get yochien bags packed and ready for the morning.


  1. Oh, that last question is priceless. LOL. Love it Ebi-kun.

  2. The answer to what does caffeine look like:


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