Monday 30 January 2012

Cake, bouncing and stars....

Catchy title no? We had a fairly mellow weekend, Saturday we did the weekly shop and after reading Joni's information I decided to stock up so we got a couple of cases of water and some more tinned food we also have extra toilet paper, sounds odd but after the March 11th quake there was a lot of panic shopping going on and toilet paper was one of the first things to go! We have had quite a few quakes over the last few days too, not big ones here but big enough to make you think, one of them was under Mount Fuji, like that is all we need, a volcanic eruption - I have no idea how probably that is, probably just my imagination running wild.
In the afternoon the boys went to the football club for supporters day and I got some sewing done. Sunday Ebi-kun asked to go to a planetarium so first we went for a lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant, the chef trained in Italy so the food tastes Italian not 'Japanese Italian' if you know what I mean. It is in a lovely spot, we found it by accident the first time we went.

We also had dessert, something we rarely do when we eat out and it was lovely. Ebi-kun, who is possibly the slowest eater in the world demolish the Mont Blanc cake he was sharing with daddy in a matter of seconds!

We had a couple of hours to kill before the screening at the planetarium so we went for a play in the park, we didn't last too long because it was so bitterly cold. Bouncing up and down is just what you need on a full belly isn't it?

They have added some new equipment in the park and I noticed this little wood sculptures, too cute.

The show at the planetarium was the Milky Way railroad by Kenji Miyazawa, he is from Hanamaki in Iwate and if you are ever up that way I recommend popping into the museum. The show was really nice but the seats were so uncomfortable, Ebi-kun and I spent most of the time wriggling trying to find a comfy position. That was basically it for the weekend, did you get up to anything exciting?

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