Monday 30 January 2012

Pirates Ahoy.... (giveaway)

*edit* this now includes the Pirate Ahoy Party pack too*

In my effort to get better organised I realised that I often have a collection of sketches that live in my sketch book as half baked ideas or doodles that never come to fruition and I was trying to think of ways of using them, suddenly the penny dropped.... Embroidery patterns!

So, with keeping in with the pirates and treasure theme that we have had going all month, here is my first PDF embroidery pattern. There are 30 images and I have reversed them too so you can use them as you like, I have also included a page on how to transfer the patterns. Available right now, in the shop.

AND (update)

I have just added the Pirate party Pack to the shop so I am throwing one of those in too!

If you would like to get your mitts on a copy of both then leave a comment below telling me what your pirate name would be!

Ebi-kun will pick his favourite pirate name on Feb 6th at 8.00am JST
One entry per person
You must include a contact email address, no email - no win.
The pattern and Party Pack are PDF files which will be emailed to the winner.

For more competitions try ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions


  1. id be princess pirate

  2. Replies
    1. of course this tickled the pants off a 6 year old!

  3. Wow what a lovely prize.

    I've just done this cool quiz to find my pirate name and it's Calico Bess Kidd!!

    missielizzie and my shadow @ ymail dot com

  4. Oh my. My daughter's friend is having a pirate birthday party next month, she'd love this!

    My pirate name would be Captain Blue-Nails, and I'd paint the tip of my hook hand to match the other nails!

    lorrainemcooper (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Well 'Shiver me timbers', brilliant competition lol

    'Three Sheets to the wind Donna Dastardly' ;)

  6. Cute!
    I did the quiz above and I am: Captain Ethel Vane!

  7. My pirate loving four year old's name: "Capt'n Bird Brain"
    His 6 yo sister's pirate name: "Skull Shadow"
    We love pirates and have had pirate birthdays two years in a row!

    1. congratulations, it was Skull Shadow that tipped the balance and Cap'n Bird Brain will have to be demoted as there can only be one captain aboard the ship :o)

    2. drop me a line with the email address you want the files sending to.
      jojoebi.designs 'at' gmail 'dot' com

  8. If I was a pirate,I'd be Honor Boat!

  9. Captain Mother Hen

  10. My little boy says my pirate name is Captain Mega Mummy, his is Captain Coin Hunter and his poor little sister is just shipmate Jelly Guts!!

  11. pirate john stephens. AHOY!!!

  12. My pirate name would be captain claress with the mostess.


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