Saturday 14 January 2012

My Treasure...

With all the talk about treasure maps and treasure ships recently, it got me thinking about my treasure and my own treasure box, it is not a very fancy box and what is inside doesn't hold much in the way of monetary value but I thought I would share some of my treasure....

a collection of letters, postcards, photos and cards

These are all wedding related, the cuff links my husband wore, they are pints 
of  Guinness! The red string was tied around our wrists in the ceremony in 
Cambodia, the little bottle was a personalised wedding favour, in the
red and gold box are candles the priest gave us, we should light them in
times of trouble apparently. The bracelets were given to me by a little girl
as we went for the elephant ride she told me I looked like a princess 
and the cards were messages collected my best friend from all our friends 
and family.

These are the Ebi-kun items, the first usually holds the lock of hair, Ebi-kun
has a curl right in the middle of his forehead and this is that curl! The next
thing is rather gross! In Japan they keep the bit of the umbilical cord that
falls off, I have no idea why and I'm not sure why I still have it! 
First shoes/slippers, first socks, he was a skinny little thing and these were the 
only socks that would stay on and his first favourite toy, it uses to light up 
but the battery died.

The top is the box that contains my 'jewels' my gran who has passed
away now gave these to my when I was 21, there is a note inside
the box saying that they were purchased in 1958. I was supposed to have
received the rest of her jewellery when she died but this is all I have. 
The bottom was a discovery yesterday, I forgot I had put it in this box for
safe keeping when we moved, it is an Icelandic rune carved into a blue/grey
stone and a gift from Di.

So, what do you treasure? Do you have some of your families body parts and random gifts from people you don't know?


  1. If I had those candles they'd be burnt down by now! Well done. I love your box of treasures. Mine aren't all together. baby stuff in their own cases, inherited jewelry on fingers but mum's amazing and choker full charm bracelet is in our emergency evacuation kit :) I wont be able to dig a latrine with it but I'll look nice.

  2. a sight I would love to see, you digging a loo in your fancy jewels!

  3. As my son was born in Tokyo, his midwife gave us the small box with his umbilical cord in it. I knew right away when I saw the picture of yours what it was. She told us that it was traditional that the person keep it and that people keep them and are eventually buried with them.


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